The school is designed for 1224 pupils and intended for general education activities according to 3 stages of education (years of study from 1st to 11th).

  • of classes – 51
  • Number of pupils – 1224, including elementary school for 480 pupils
  • Number of pupils in class- 24
  • Number of pupils afterschool (extended daycare)- 300 children, including 30 1st year pupils (extended day until 18.00 5 times a week)
  • Number of teachers, laboratory assistants – approximately 90 persons
  • Total amount of employees – 130 persons
  • Working hours – 1.5 shifts (9 hours), where 1 shift is 6 hours, 5 days a week
  • Big school gym – 48 persons (simultaneously)
  • Small school gym, multi-purpose gym – 24 persons each
  • Study hall of library is for 48 seats, media center – for 16 seats. Study period in media center is 45 minutes
  • Total amount of library visitors is 90 persons simultaneously
  • Dining hall accommodates 640 persons
  • Assembly hall is for 736 persons

School building constitutes of 2-4 floor units with lifted staircases. The building has symmetrical composition with a courtyard on a plan. There is separated study unit of elementary school, study unit of middle school, medical unit, big gym hall, dining hall located on the first floor. There is study unit of elementary school, study unit of middle school, small gym hall, multi-purpose gym, administration unit, assembly hall located on the second floor. There is study unit of middle school located on the third floor.

A full set of structural divisions and facilities are created in the school for implementation of study process according to all regulatory standards. A structure of the school includes:

  1. Entrance hall
  2. Classrooms of elementary school
  3. Multi-purpose classrooms of middle and secondary schools
  4. Specific classrooms
    • Two classrooms of Physycs
    • Physics laboratory
    • One classroom of Chemistry (laboratory)
    • One classroom of Biology (laboratory)
    • Specific classroom of Mathematics
    • Classroom of foreign language for elementary school
    • Six classrooms of foreign languages of middle and secondary school
    • Classroom of engineering drawing and painting
    • Computer classroom of elementary school
    • Two computer classrooms of middle and secondary school
  5. Technology and Home Economics classrooms:
    • Elementary school Handicraft classroom
    • Locksmiths workshop
    • Joiners shop
    • Textile processing workshop
    • Cookery workshop
  6. Day-care centre, including two bedroom-playrooms and three multi-purpose rooms.
  7. Library- information centre.
  8. Complex of free time creative work classrooms:
    • Fine Art project
    • Music and Singing Class
  9. Sports and Health complex (3 gym halls)
  10. Assembly Hall with number of rooms.
  11. Dining hall
  12. Medical location
  13. Administration and staff rooms.

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